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So inspiring to share experiences with collegues around the world.

Agata, Poland

Not just a wonderful CPD event with two schema therapy experts who conveyed lots of information, tips and ideas but also gentle encouragement and support from both leaders to build a compassionate philosophy and approach to working. Recommended.                              

Heidi, UK

Thanks for you both so much for two wonderful days of training! I got a lot out of it and I think the concepts covered will be incredibly valuable for me going forward and have helped me to connect the dots of what has been missing with looking after myself in session whilst working with clients.

Annabelle, Australia

Thank you both so much for such excellent training & also to Ezra for the lovely Yoga sessions. Look forward to the follow up session & putting what I have learned into practice! Thanks 🙏🏽

Louise, UK

I’ve taken a lot from the experience. 

Jo, UK

Susan and Diana’s resilience workshop is a creative, energizing tonic to therapist fatique. It allows us to purposefully lay down our therapeutic tool bag, reflect, laugh, share, replenish and heal. All the things we know we should do, but don’t. I recommend this course, especially as we’re limping out of this awful pandemic. It’s self care reboot for those who care for others.

George, Scotland

It was lovely to participate in your webinars! Thank you for your energy and dedication.

Francesca, Switserland